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MSRP : $19.99

Special Web Selling Price : $14.99

ReflectAwear 5 point Break-away vests are designed with 5 break-away points. 1 Velcro front, 2 velcro shoulders, with two elastic velcro sides. ReflectAwear Breakaway vest are available in 3 different styles. They come in the standard  300 gsm Vinyl Mesh Contractors breakaway vest. We also offer the 5-Point Breakaway vest in 100% polyester with a 3 inch reflective  X style back.

We offer wholesale prices on large quantities...

Size:   standard Small - Large           Standard-xl X-Large - XXX-Large

                           ( 26" - 48")                                                  (50" - 60") 

Please Call 1(718)622-7387 or email reflectawear@reflectawear.com for wholesale orders

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